Meet Doctor Cuba

Dr. Pedro Cuba, OD

Dr. Pedro Cuba, was born in Peru, South America. His journey to America took one year and during that time he traveled to most of the Latin American countries, becoming immersed in their different cultures and fully understanding each country's way of life. He has either lived or visited Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Dr. Pedro Cuba's story of achievement began like most immigrants in this country, by working hard and understanding the principles of democracy. Dr. Cuba joined the Unites States Army and after many awards serving in the Gulf War and Asia decided to leave the Army with an honorable discharge and moved to Texas where he studied Biology and Business Administration at University of Texas at Dallas.

Dr. Cuba got married, had children and became a bilingual early childhood teacher at the Dallas Independent School District for three years where he was involved with not only teaching his students to achieve and excel academically but also teaching their parents to learn English as a second language. After this period, he was accepted at the Inter-American University School of Optometry where he started practicing the full scope of optometry.

Dr. Pedro Cuba completed an internship at University of La Salle School of Optometry and Optilaser Clinic in Bogota, Colombia gaining full understanding of LASIK procedures and medical disease. He had many rotations around Puerto Rico practicing in government hospitals, school clinics, and interacting medically with low income families. He also completed an internship at the DIF of Guanajuato, Mexico under the management of Indiana School of Optometry. In addition, Dr. Cuba practiced with Dr Julio Rojas Ophthalmologist in Allentown, Pennsylvania, gaining experience in ocular disease and cataract surgery. Dr. Pedro Cuba participates as well, in many non-profit organizations such VOSH, traveling and helping low income families with their visual needs in Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Peru.

Currently Dr. Pedro Cuba opened two practices in San Antonio and Eagle Pass, Texas, and welcomes new patients at either location. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns regarding your visual needs.

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