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Contact Lens Exams With Our Optometry Team at Mi Vision Eye Care

Contact lenses are a discreet vision correction solution for people of all ages. If you or a family member have been wanting to try contact lenses, it's important to schedule a contact lens exam. Not sure what this is? Our optometry staff in San Antonio, TX uses these specialized exams to help hundreds of Texans every year find the perfect pair of contacts for their vision needs.

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Why Get A Contact Lens Exam? 

We recommend that everybody schedules a comprehensive eye exam at least every one to two years. It's an essential component to preventive healthcare and can help you maintain higher quality eyesight and eye health throughout your life.

But if you've been thinking about getting contact lenses, our San Antonio optometry team strongly encourages you to schedule a contact lens exam, as well. Here's why:

During a contact lens exam, our San Antonio eye doctor will thoroughly evaluate your vision and ensure your current prescription (if you have one) is accurate and up-to-date. But a contact lens exam goes one step beyond a routine eye exam. It's a chance for our eye doctor to use specialized technology and techniques to measure the outer surface of your eyes and assess whether you have any underlying eye health conditions (such as chronic dry eye or allergies) which could otherwise make normal contacts lens use uncomfortable. 

Didn't realize that contact lenses aren't "one size fits all"? We have a variety of contact lenses that can accommodate many different types of eye shapes and types, including soft lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, and hard-to-fit lenses like toric lenses (ideal for people with astigmatism) and scleral lenses (ideal for people with chronic dry eye or irregularly shaped corneas).

Choosing Contacts vs. Glasses

Contact lenses are preferable for many people with vision correction needs such as astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness—for several reasons:

  • Aesthetics
  • Hobbies and sports
  • Occupational tasks
  • Improved vision—contacts don't fog up, and some people find eyeglasses frames and lenses disruptive in their field of vision

While contacts do require a bit more upkeep compared to eyeglasses, caring for them can become a routine that's as simple as brushing your teeth. We've even taught children how to don, doff, and clean their contact lenses...and the vision correction ability is just as good as glasses!

Thinking About Contact Lenses? Connect With Our Optometrist in San Antonio TX Today!

Schedule your contact lens exam today with our experienced San Antonio optometrist, Dr. Pedro Cuba. Mi Vision Eye Care is conveniently located in the Wonderland of the Americas. Call our optometry clinic now at (210) 923-2020 to book your appointment!


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