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When you visit Mi Vision Eye Care, you get exceptional service from Dr. Pedro Cuba, an experienced San Antonio eye doctor. Your eyes are important to your overall wellbeing. They require routine exams to ensure your eyes continue to provide the best vision possible. Our team provides comprehensive eye care services to meet your needs.

We offer a full range of services including:

Eye and Vision Exams in San Antonio

When you visit us in San Antonio, our team will often recommend eye and vision exams at least one time each year. If you have eye health concerns, we may recommend visiting more often. During eye exams, we’re looking at your vision needs and providing you with prescriptions if necessary. We’re also looking at the health of each of the structures in your eyes and working to pinpoint any type of disease present.

Contact Lens Exams

Individuals using or hoping to use contact lenses will need a contact lens exam. Our comprehensive eye exams take a close look at the health of your eyes and whether contact lenses will fit well. We also need to take specific measurements of your eyes and fit you for the proper lenses. Often, we’ll talk about options such as:

  • Disposable lenses
  • Gas-permeable lenses or rigid lenses
  • Extended wear contact lenses
  • Daily wear contact lenses
  • Lenses that can change your eye color

Our San Antonio eye doctor will discuss which options are best for your specific needs. We also offer hard-to-fit contact lenses for those who may need a very specific product.

Prescription Eyewear

After you receive your eyeglass prescription, our team can go to work for you to help you find the best eyeglasses for your needs. We can help you consider options in both frames and lenses that fit your style and your vision needs. You’ll find numerous brands to select from and a wide range of styles for any face.

Additional Services Offered in Our Offices

When you visit our team, let us know about any specific needs or concerns you have. We offer comprehensive eye exams and eye care to meet any need. Come in to see our team for any of your vision or eye care needs. Expect exceptional service from our experienced professionals. Dr. Pedro Cuba is available to discuss any symptoms you have of eye pain, infection, or vision concerns. And, we work closely with you to ensure you get only the best contact lenses, glasses, and specialty products.

Contact Our San Antonio Eye Doctor for an Eye Exam Appointment

Call Mi Vision Eye Care today to schedule an eye exam or to purchase contact lenses, glasses, or other products. Our conveniently located office makes it easy to get the care you need when you need it. Call (210) 923-2020 today to schedule an examination to see whether you are a candidate for LASIK or other eye surgery with our trusted eye doctor.

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